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At Eye Specialists of Louisiana we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art eye care and treatment for all of our patients in the Baton Rouge community. Our goal is simple: your eye health is our top priority.

Whether you’re interested in a routine eye exam, custom LASIK eye surgery, advanced technology cataract surgery, glaucoma care, or find yourself suffering from eye-related problems, we can help.

With services you can count on, you’ll never feel out of sight.
Our skilled ophthalmologists and optometrists use the most advanced technologies and procedures available to achieve the best possible outcomes for your eye and health care needs.

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Eye Exams

Whether you’re struggling to see far or read things clearly up close, routine eye exams are the perfect first step in diagnosing and treating various eye conditions and diseases. Get fitted for contact lenses or renew your eyeglasses prescription with us.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’re hoping to improve your vision without glasses, contacts, or complicated surgery, bladeless LASIK may be right for you. This laser-focused technique provides minimal downtime, improved vision, and lasting results.

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Eyelid Surgery

Hooded eyelids or weak eyelid muscles can make it more challenging to open your eyes completely, limiting your vision field. Our minimally-invasive eyelid surgery options improve vision with visibly stunning results.

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Contact Lenses

If you’re hoping to correct your vision without the need for full-time eyeglasses or eye surgery, contact lenses may be the best option for you. With proper care and handling, contact lenses are a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy clear vision and an active lifestyle.

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Premium Technology Cataract Surgery

Using advanced laser and lens technology and dropless techniques, we perform cataract surgery to improve your vision without the need for post-procedure eye drops or invasive blades. When compared to traditional cataract surgery, premium technology surgery is better for you, better for your vision.

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Glaucoma Surgical Treatment

As we age, our risk for glaucoma, which affects your optic nerve, increases. It is often the silent and painless sight stealer, claiming our once-clear vision. We can slow or halt the progression using advanced treatment options, allowing you to see clearer longer.

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To learn more about our advanced service options or to schedule an appointment with us, simply call 225-768-7777 now. We are here for all of your eye care needs.